Saturday, May 10, 2008

Interview with Anjeanette L. Porter

Author Pen Name: Anjeanette L. Porter

CA: What genre(S) do you write? Why do you write the stories that you write?

ALP: Well, you see, up to this point I have only written a Romance/Adventure/Time Travel novel. And the reason I wrote this book is because it was something I have always wanted to do since I had started reading Romance's at the age of 14. I love the romance, and the adventure, of not knowing what is going to happen on the next page, or in the next chapter. I love just sitting down and snuggling up in a warm blanket and interring my own imaginative world. It just gives me peace.

CA: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

ALP: I first realized that I wanted to be a writer when I moved to Bloomington, IN from Texas on Christmas Day 1996, and lost all my friends that I had. And knew deep down that moving here was going to be the worse choice my parents would ever probably make in their life time. I have not liked it since I have lived here. And still wish we could have stayed in Texas. When I started school here I knew from the beginning that it was going to be much much more difficult for me to make new friends, so instead of having a regular teenage life of having many friends I had none and so I started writing a love story. I had started reading Romance's when I was 14 years old and loved all types of them. The idea of writing my own Romance just blossomed after I had to move.

CA: Who or what was your inspiration for writing?

ALP: My mom and her best friend Leona was my actual inspiration for writing my first book along with the fact that I was moved away from all my very good friends that I had known for 6 years. My mom and her friend Leona are the two people who got me hooked on reading Romance novels. My mom told me once that the reason she started letting me read Romance novels at the age of 14 is because my reading grade in school was much lower than it should have been and she did not blame me for not wanting to read the material that the teacher had us students reading . So I was hooked from than on, on reading Romance's of all types. I read Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance,, Modern Romance, Time Travel, and Futuristic, or Paranormal Romance's. They were never boring to me and I always would read them for hours and late into the night way past my bed time. But my grade in my reading class did go up and I thought that was really awesome. My mom's friend Leona is the one who had the books and let me have some of hers to read. It was great. So, since I was about 16 yrs old and after I moved away from all my friends my inspiration to write one of my own Romance novels blossomed and became reality.

CA: What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

ALP: When I write I can pretty much write at any time of day or night, it doesn't really matter. I prefer to do it later on in the evening when all is quiet in the house. But I can write at any time. And I love to write usually in my bedroom sitting up against the wall on my bed with notebook and pen in my hand so I'm ready and comfy while I am writing. Right now though I am not working on anything so I have much free time. I just don't know at this point if I am going to even write another novel.

CA: Your book is about to be sent into the reader world, what is one word that describes how you feel?

ALP: I feel Accomplished.

CA: What do you like to do when you're not writing?

ALP: I enjoy doing many other things besides writing. I am an amateur wildlife photographer. I love animals and have always had a pet of some kind or another. Right now I am unable to take any photos like I have been wanting to do but for the last couple of years I have taken some awesome photos of butterflies, deer, squirrels, and all different types of birds. I think I got at least one shot of about 13 different types of birds last year alone. It was awesome. My favorite time of year is summer so I like swimming, fishing, hiking, and camping. I also enjoy TV once in awhile and movies.

CA: How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

ALP: At this time I have only written the one Romance/Adventure/Time Travel novel. It took me about 10 years off and on to actually complete it and have it published. I am so happy to finally have finished it. Right now since I don't have any plans to write another novel my favorite would be the only one I have written Brandon McKenzie: The Protector. I really feel like I did a great job writing my very first novel and hope that others will buy a copy and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

CA: Do you tend to base your characters on real people or are they totally from your imagination?

ALP: Almost all my characters in my book are based on my friends that I have made over the years. All of them have been the best of friends that anyone could ask for and my characters come alive to me so much more because of the fact that I have based them on my real true friends.

CA: Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

ALP: Yes, never give up on a dream or goal that you have set out to accomplish. Even when all things look un-promising or bleak don't give up. Cause the best feeling I think anyone can have is the feeling of peace and accomplishment for something that you set out to do. It's a really awesome feeling. No matter what keep on trying and you will succeed and if your goal is to write a book and have it published, you will.

CA: How can a reader contact you or purchase your books?

ALP: Everyone is more than welcome to write me email at this address: or at and they can purchase my book through , or , or, and . You all can visit my promotional web site for my book at: where you can find out more about me and read a synopsis and Chapter one of my book for free. So go check it out. Thank you Crystal for the interview. I hope you enjoy reading my book once you receive it. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this interview and to those who check out my web site. I want to wish everyone best luck for the year 2008.

CA: Thanks Anjeanette for hanging out this week! And once I get to your book, I am sure it will be amazing!


alan j. garner said...

Lovely interview, Anjeanette. Shame you can't pursue you wildlife photography too. But at least you're staying creative! Good job, as always Crystal.

Anjeanette Porter said...

Hey Crystal,
Thanks again so much for doing the interview for me. I appreciate it alot. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

Angie Porter

Crystal Adkins said...

Hi Alan and Angie!
Hope everyone had a good week! shame on me for not being here as much!
I just wanted to say hello and thank you again for hanging out here with me ;)
Hugs, Crystal

Anjeanette L. Porter said...

I hope everyone takes time to read through my interview and stop by my website to check some cool things out. Including other Talented authors. A free synopsis and Chapter One of my book. Don't forget to stop by and sign my guestbook. I appreciate it so much.