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Interview with Shiela Stewart ** CONTEST **

CA: Shiela Stewart sounds like an awesome author, and I look forward to reading her books very soon. I hope you enjoy the interview, I did! She has also offered an ecopy of her book Discovery in Passion to one lucky poster! She or I will choose a winner Sunday evening or Monday morning so make sure to leave an email address so that we can contact you, if you don’t respond within 5 days we’ll do a redraw…so remember to check your email

Author Pen Name: Shiela Stewart

CA: What genre(s) do you write? Why do you write the stories that you write?
SS: I write an eclectic array of genre’s including Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense, Urban Fantasy and Erotica. Why I write what I do is because it is what’s dearest to my heart. I am a die hard romance lover and I love adding some intrigue and a little darkness to my stories.

CA: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

SS: I think the first time I really considered becoming a writer was when I was in my thirties. But stories have always been a part of me. Even as a young child I loved to tell tales to anyone who would listen. And as I grew, I began jotting them down. My first attempt at letting others see my work was when I was fifteen. I wrote a play for my little sisters seventh grade class titled. “Ma needs a hearing aid” Based on my parents. LOL It was a roaring hit!!

CA: Who or what was your inspiration for writing?
SS: Up until about seven years ago, I never really had any one thing or person that inspired me to want to write. It was just a part of me, as much as my own limbs. But when I first picked up a Nora Roberts book seven years ago I knew that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to have my stories published for others to read.

CA: What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

SS: I pretty much write from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon and sometimes in the evenings or at night when I can’t sleep. Writing for me is a full time job, and mostly because there are so many ideas roaming around inside my head that I sometimes can’t keep up with them.

CA: Your book is about to be sent into the reader world, what is one word that describes how you feel?

SS: Ecstatic!!

CA: What was your biggest challenge in writing your book(s)?

SS: Grammar. When I first started out my grammar was terrible. It’s still a work in progress.

CA: What do you like to do when you're not writing?

SS: Spend time with my hubby and kids. I love long walks with my hubby by my side. I also like to paint, draw and sing and dance. And much to my husbands dismay, I love doing home décor. I’m forever changing things in my home from paint on the walls to lino and rugs. LOL

CA: How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

SS: I’ve written over seventy books. No, that is not a typo. Like I said earlier, my mind is always full of stories. A good majority of my stories are still on paper and haven’t been composed on the computer yet. I’m getting to them. LOL
My favorite story is actually a series that has yet to be published. It’s the Demon series and if you go to my website and click on books, you can read a blurb about them. So far, I haven’t found a publisher that fits that type of story.

CA: Do you tend to base your characters on real people or are they totally from your imagination?

SS: Completely from my over active imagination. LOL

CA: Do you have any advice for the aspiring writers out there?

SS: Keep at it! Learn the market for your genre, join author groups and get to know authors and their books. We can be very resourceful. J Having a good critique partner is a must. And never give up!

CA: How can a reader contact you or purchase your books?

SS: Readers can contact me at: They can also check out all my books on my website at: My books are available at

CA: Is there anything you would like to add?

SS: I have a new series coming out beginning in July. The Darkness series is a tale of vampires in a city with no sun trying to protect the humans from a gang that wants to rule the world. Viewers can check out the wonderful covers and the scheduled release dates at:

I would just like to say thank you for this wonderful interview.

CA: You’ve got my attention with the vamps, I am a huge vamp lover and now I am intrigued by this new series you’re coming out with! Definitely something I’ll have to check out!


Alan J. Garner said...

You're a gem, Sheila - lovely and honest. I'm honoured to be sharing the spotlight with you this week. Crystal being a sweetie makes the interviewing a real pleasure!

Desirée Lee said...

Over seventy books? I'm in awe!! I can only hope that my muse will kick in for the long haul and I will be able to claim that accomplishment someday!

I agree on having a good critique partner. Mine have come up with some dandy ways to polish up my work!

Carpe Noctem,

Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

Shiela Stewart said...

Thanks Alan, I'm not sure I've ever been called a gem before. :)
I'm pleased to share the spotlight with you as well.

Crystal certainly does know how to do a wonderful interview. :)

Shiela Stewart said...

Hi Desiree!

Yep, seventy books, and they keep coming. I think of it this way: If I ever get writers block, I have plenty of back ups. LOL

I love working with my critique partner. She and I get along great and I think that's the key to having a great working releationship.

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Crystal Adkins said...

LOL I love this praise but all the work is from the authors, I just ask the questions and they have to answer them ;)
And yes I agree with Desiree 70 books!!! WOW

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HOTCHA1 said...

hi alan! did not mean to slight ya! lol

HOTCHA1 said...

how can i get your books alan?

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HOTCHA1 said...

okay, morning meds are kicking in and i need a nap, BUT I'LL BE BACK AS ARNOLD S. SAID! LOL

Shiela Stewart said...

Hi Hotcha! Great to see you here. :)

You are a valued fan and such a sweetie. But stop bouncing in your wheelchair before you fall over. LOL Your book should be there soon. :)

Shiela Stewart said...

If you go to my website at and click on the books link, it will take you to a list of my published and non-published works. The non-published are only some of my work. I just don't have enough time to put them all on the computer. Most of them were handwriten before I became computer literate. :)

Shiela Stewart said...

How about a little snippet of Discovery in Passion?

Here you go. :)

Nothing is ordinary in the small town of Passion, especially the love.

Wanting to start fresh, Cassie Evans relocates to the small town of Passion where she moves into the home of her dreams, complete with dreamy next door neighbor, artist, and handyman Thomas Healy. The only problem is, the house she bought just might be haunted.

Thomas Healy lives a life of solitude and that suits him just fine. Then Cassie Evans moves in next door and begins to turn his peaceful live upside down. He tries to ignore her, but ignoring a woman as beautiful as Cassie isn’t so easy, especially when she shows up at your door, naked, begging for you to paint her. Thomas’ first mistake was to agree to it, his second was to take Cassie to bed, now she’s all he can think about.

When their blossoming love is overshadowed by a ghostly haunting, the curious Cassie launches an investigation into the life and death of her home’s previous owner, uncovering a mystery and attracting the attention of a killer. Where will Cassie’s discovery lead her, to the love of her life or to death itself? Welcome to the town of Passion.

Virginia said...

Hi Sheila nice to see you here. I really enjoyed the interview. It just amazes me that an author can write so many different genres and it looks like you touch on a little of everything.

Shiela Stewart said...

Hi Virgina!

I guess some might call me an odity because I like to read and write a wide variety of genre's. But I wold have to say, Contemporary is my least favorite, and Paranormal/fantasy are my favorite.
The Darkness series which begins releasing in july is a prime example of that. I've always been enthralled by vampires. :)

Shiela Stewart said...

Come on out people and ask me some questions.I love to talk to my fans.

maybe I should give you all a little teaser from Discovery.


“Mind if I position you?”
“Oh, baby, do with me what you will.”
Thomas hoped he could get this done without embarrassing himself. Her deep seductive voice definitely was doing a number on him. “Lie partially on your side.”
“Like this?”
“Not that much; tilt your upper body to the side a bit. Like this.” Oh, touching her had not been a smart move. Biting his lip, Thomas shifted her into position. “Now lift your right leg, bend at the knee and place your left hand across your belly. Perfect.”
“Thank you.”
He was going to lose it. Seeing the roses on the table, he picked them up and snapped off the blooms.
“I’ll buy you more.” She’d brought over four, and he was going to use all four. Leaving one on the table, Thomas began plucking petals from the rest and dropped them onto her naked body. They fell lightly to land on her chest, belly and hands. The last bloom he took and carefully slid it into her hair just over her right ear. He took a step back, looking at her through a painter’s eyes and was satisfied with what he saw.
“Are we good to go?” Cassie inquired.
With a nod, Thomas walked to the easel. Lifting the charcoal pencil, he began to work.
“How many nudes have you really painted?” Cassie asked while Thomas worked busily behind the easel.
“Wow. My nose is itchy.”
“Don’t move.”
“Easy for you to say.” She wiggled her nose, and he scowled at her. “Sorry.”
“You only think your nose is itchy because you can’t move. We haven’t been at this long. I’ll be done soon enough, then you can scratch your nose. Think of something else.”
“How long will this take?”
He paused, looked around the easel at her. “We can quit right now if you like?”
“No. I’ll deal with it. So, why did you move all the way out here?”
“Why did you?” His hand worked quickly, putting the lovely image before him on canvas.
“I pulled out a map, closed my eyes and pointed. When I opened my eyes, it had landed on Passion. Here I am.”
His eyes lifted from his work. “You pointed to a map and that’s how you chose where you’d live?”
“You betcha.”
She was an odd one. “Why didn’t you stay in Calgary?”
“I wanted to be on my own, and I knew if I stayed too close to home I would only end up relying on my parents. It was time I moved out on my own in any case.”
“You’re what…twenty-three-ish?” Thomas spoke while his hand drew the fine lines of her figure.
“Oh, you are a sweetheart. I’m twenty-eight.”
His eyes lifted now with a great deal of surprise. “You don’t look it.”
“You definitely know how to flatter a girl. What’s your story, Thomas Healy? Why did you choose to live in this small out of the way town?”
“It was quiet.” It was proving to be a little more difficult drawing her breasts than he thought it would be. Closing his eyes, he chastised himself for letting his mind wander, then returned to his art.
“It was quiet? What kind of answer is that?”
“A simple one. You moved your leg.”
“I did not.”
Thomas grunted, setting his pencil down before walking to her. “You’re leaning it against your other leg.” Taking her knee in his hand, he moved it back into place. His eyes drifted to the ripe pinkness between her legs, and he nearly drooled all over her. “Keep it there.”
“I know you want me, Thomas.”
Who wouldn’t want her? “We can’t always have everything we want.” He proceeded to draw the detail of her body.
“Certain things we can, and I wouldn’t mind one bit if you took me.”
“I’m sure you wouldn’t, but I don’t mix business with pleasure.”
“Fine, I’ll hire someone else to fix up my house.”
“You signed a contract which is legally binding.”
She huffed. “Then I’ll break it and let my lawyer deal with the outcome.”
“It’ll be tied up in court for months, maybe longer, and you still wouldn’t get your way.”
“Why are you being so stubborn?”
“It’s ingrained. I said don’t move,” he chastised her when she sat up.
“I nearly had you on the stairs at my house, and trust me, you weren’t thinking of business or the damn contract at the time. I could have you begging me to take you. Just like that.” She snapped her fingers.
“And you would only humiliate yourself. Lie back down,” Thomas insisted.
“The hell I will.” She stood up, rose petals floating to the floor.
“If you don’t lie back down, I won’t be able to finish the painting.” He lied; he could draw or paint her with his eyes closed. Every curve of her body was ingrained in his memory.
“Screw the painting. You’re trying to tell me that if I came to you now, wrapped my arms around you and rubbed my naked body against you, that you wouldn’t take me?”
Thomas laid his pencil down because he knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere until she was through with her snit. “Funny, you don’t strike me as a desperate
Her jaw dropped. “Desperate! How dare you.”
“I believe anything worth having is worth waiting for. Anything that is rushed is not. I’m not looking for a quick fuck, and if that’s all you’re looking for, go hang out at the local bar and wait for the oil riggers to come in. They’re always looking for a quickie.” He mentally cursed himself for what he’d said.
“You bastard.” Grabbing her wrap, she threw it on and stomped from the house.
“That was nice, Thomas, really fucking nice,” he muttered after the door slammed with her exit.

ddurance said...

I wrote a play for my little sisters seventh grade class titled. “Ma needs a hearing aid” Based on my parents. LOL It was a roaring hit!!

Can we expect comedy in your stories? This is a hoot. LOL


Shiela Stewart said...

You most definitely can. I love to put humor in all my stories, no matter how dark they sometimes can be. I love to kid and tease and joke so I like adding some of my warped sense of humor in my books.

Kidnapped, my first published novel is a prime example of my warped sense of humor. I mean, seriously, what person in their right mind would provoke their abductor. LOL

As for ‘Ma needs a hearing aid’ I wish I could find my original copy of it but alas, over the years it’s gone missing.

Mary said...

Hi, Shiela,

Wow, you should see what your name looks like when my fingers are on the wrong keys! I just stopped by here to visit you and say hi! I didn't know you had a new series coming out. I'm still wanting to read your passion series. I love vampires too! Sounds like you're having fun here.


Shiela Stewart said...

Thanks for popping in Mary. And hey, if your name is drawn you could be the lucky owner of the first book in my Passion series. :)

Yep, I have a new series coming out and it is most definitely about vampires in a town with no sunlight. The first book, Seducing the Darkness will be out in July, then two months later, Desiring the Darkness. All the books will be released in two month intervals which keeps me very busy. In total, so far, there are five books in the series. Books one through three have been written and I am on the fourth now. And who knows, with my overactive imagination there could be a sixth or seventh. LOL

To read a blurb of the first book, go to.

I love cake said...

Hi Shiela!

I just wanted to come over and tell people how much I highly recommend her vampire series. Seriously. Make sure you buy them right away. I'm not even a big paranormal fan and I love them.

Oh and for those who have read her Passion series, Victor is mine. I just say that wherever Shiela goes. I think I'm a bit of a stalker, actually. ;o)

Great interview!!


Shiela Stewart said...

Okay, someone call the cops. My stalker is loose again. LOL

Hi, Mel, great to see you here. And yes, Vic is yours. For those that don’t know who the Vic is she’s talking about, it’s Victor Davis in Escape in Passion.

Here’s a blurb of Escape:

Victor Davis is a man trying to escape the tragedy of his past. Several months ago, a bullet that was meant for him killed his girlfriend by mistake. Now struggling to move on, Victor’s taken over as the chief of police of Passion. Vic knows everyone in Passion, so naturally he can’t help but notice when beautiful stranger Julia Wilson moves into the small town.

Mysterious and alluring, Julia came to Passion with one thing on her mind, avenging the death of her sister. Desperate to find the truth, and keeping her true identity a secret, Julia enters into an affair with the one man she thinks might be able to give her answers—Victor Davis.

Lust and love run rampant when Victor and Julia enter into a torrid romance. But Julia’s deception turns dangerous and secrets from Victor’s past soon threaten their fragile relationship. Murder, kidnapping, and an escape that you’ll never forget. Welcome to the town of Passion.

Jane Beckenham said...

Hi Shiela
You're hard working gal! Actually when I saw you post that you're a decorating nut like me... well, that made my day... My hubby just rolls his eyes. Not again!

Shiela Stewart said...

LOL Jane! Yep, that's what my hubby does too. LOL

I don't know why he complains, I do all the work. I just finished putting in new lino in the kitchen, dining room and main bathroom. Now I want to paint the bathroom walls. :)
I do like to keep busy :)

HOTCHA1 said...

dang! thought i lost message! hey all i'm back!

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HOTCHA1 said...

lol shi! nekkidd? and she wants him to PAINT her? yeah right!! lol

HOTCHA1 said...

hey jane!!!

Shiela Stewart said...

Well not really Linda. Cassie's hope is that once Thomas sees her naked, he'll jump her bones. That's her intentions when she goes to his place. Well...part of her intentions. :)

HOTCHA1 said...

i ammmmmmmmmmmm back!

i want that book shiela! lol

HOTCHA1 said...

vamps! vamps! vamps!

l want them!

HOTCHA1 said...

daddy wants a mommy shiela! lol

HOTCHA1 said...

now gonna go bug alan! lol

Shiela Stewart said...

Hasn't yur book arrived yet Linda??

Lynnsplanet said...

I visit Sheila's blog regularly to see who's she's promoting. Love them.

I love the questions you ask, Crystal.

Sheila, I had no idea Nora inspired you. I read her among the many, never recalling any that stood out and made say, I want to write. Hindsight, they were category.

I happened to be working on my third mainstream and critters were horrible - you can't write like that, only established authors can get away with that. Needless to say, I ran.

Then, one day, I read Nora's Private Scandals. The book is impressive, I loved how the prologue was actually the end of the story while the story led up to it. I was hooked. Not only did she validate my writing style, but she's an amazing writer. She encouraged me to move ahead.


Lynnsplanet said...

So, you want questions. I seem to be asking this quite a bit of late.

Sheila, how to you manage your time between promotional work and writing? Do you set an allotment time where you drop in various groups and blogs and then you're done for the day - free to write?


Shiela Stewart said...

Hi Bekki, great to see you here!

Private Scandals is a pretty good book. Yeah, Nora is unique. She’s able to write multiple points of view and get away with it. I love her In Death series the most now.

So what are you working on now Bekki?

Shiela Stewart said...

I realized after I hit send that I forgot to add that I do have some really great authors on my blogs and I'm proud to be able to host them. :)

As for your other question Bekki.

You’re never too late for questions. I'm here all week so ask away. :)

Usually every morning I do my rounds in the various groups I belong to and then throughout the day I keep an eye open and pop in here and there while I’m writing. It’s a never ending process to keep my name out there. Plus, there are some places that have some really fun things going on that I just can’t help but get involved in. But the only time I am actually done for the day is when I shut my laptop off at eleven at night and go to bed.

Shiela Stewart said...

Today's treat is a clip from Escape in Passion.

Julia was utterly relieved to see the sign announcing she was only forty-five kilometers from Passion. She’d be there soon enough. The song on the radio brought back painful memories, so Julia clicked it off and sat in the silence instead. Her heart was still aching, and she doubted very much that the ache would dull anytime soon. It had only been eight months since she’d lost her best friend, her sister, and despite what people said, time did not heal all wounds.
She heard the siren waling and looked up into her rear view mirror and saw the police cruiser behind her. “Damn it.” A quick glance at her speedometer told Julia she hadn’t been paying attention to her speed and had gone over the legal speed limit. “Damn it, damn it.” Slowing, she pulled to the shoulder, still cursing. Coming to a stop, she pulled her wallet from the purse sitting on the seat beside her. She rolled her window down as the officer approached.
“Morning, ma’am. Do you know how fast you were going?”
“I know I was speeding. I wasn’t paying attention.” She glanced over her shoulder at the cop leaning down to her window, and her first thought was, Yummy. His hair was blond beneath the police hat he wore, and his eyes were the most incredible blue she’d ever seen, and looking into them took her breath away The dark blue police uniform he wore only made him look sexier.
She loved a man in uniform.
“That’s a dangerous way to drive. Have you been drinking?”
“No, sir.” “You were weaving a bit.”
“I drove all night. I haven’t slept.”
“I suggest you pull into the next town and book yourself into a hotel. License and registration, please.”
Julia handed it to him, feeling a bit flustered at his true beauty. She couldn’t help but watch as he walked to his car, and what she saw made her mouth water. The man had a mighty fine ass, and he definitely wore his pants tight. What she wouldn’t do to get a handful of those plump cheeks.
Julia averted her eyes—as if he could tell she’d been watching his butt and looked out the windshield when he walked back to her car.
“I’m not going to write you up a ticket, Miss Wilson, but I will escort you to the nearest town. You need some sleep.”
“Thank you, Constable—” She leaned out of her window to read his name plate, and her heart suddenly stilled in her chest. “Sorry, Staff Sergeant Davis.”
“Passion is the nearest town. There’s a nice motel there, and I’m sure there’s a room for you when you get there.”
“Right. Okay.” Julia swallowed the lump in her throat.
“Keep to the speed limit,” he warned her before heading back to his car.
She took a few deep breaths, her heart pounding, her throat dry. It was him. Dear God, it had been him.
Her hands shaking, Julia put the car in gear, slowly pulled onto the road. She’d driven a long way to find Victor Davis, and now she had.
She just hadn’t expected him to look so…normal.

Shiela Stewart said...

I was sure I'd posted another excerpt from Discovery yesterday but apparently I hadn't. My brain seems to have run off again.

So here it is. Another clip from Discovery. This one is HOT!!!
I never know which excerpts to post. The steamy ones or the story ones. LOL

“I know what you’re doing.”
“Cleaning myself,” she said innocently.
“Like hell. Damn it.” Grabbing hold of her by the arms, he yanked her up and took her mouth in a hard, possessive kiss.
Smiling inwardly, Cassie wrapped her arms around his neck as he bent at the waist and let his glorious mouth seduce hers. And what a mouth it was. His lips were soft, firm and full, and damn if he didn’t know how to kiss. She felt herself being lifted off the floor and wasn’t entirely sure if it was her imagination or reality. When he started moving, Cassie knew it wasn’t her imagination. Opening her eyes she saw he was heading down the hallway and obviously to his bedroom. Her pulse shot through the roof, and she felt as if she might explode with anticipation.
“This is a mistake,” he panted, planting her on her feet.
“The hell it is.” She wanted to feel his hair, but the band he had it tied back with got in her way. With a quick tug, Cassie pulled it free. When it spilled out over his shoulders, it nearly took her breath away. He was magnificent. “Oh, baby.”
Her breath came out in a gasp as he yanked her against his chest and captured her mouth with his. She threaded her fingers through all that glorious hair while his hands slid over her back, down to her buttocks and back up. As he slid the zipper on her skirt down, she felt herself moisten.
It pooled to the floor, and she made busy work undoing his jeans zipper and button, eager to see that hard bulge she felt pressing against her abdomen.
Her body quivered for him.
Taking her hands in his, he moved her back towards the bed, his mouth busy on hers. When she bumped into the bed, she sat back, allowing him to press her down onto it. His hands slid beneath her blouse and made dozens of goose-bumps form on her skin. As he skimmed over her breasts to lift the blouse over her head, she panted, arching, wanting. And then, finally, his mouth dove down capturing her breast. Cassie gasped, her body aching for more.
He suckled. He devoured. He aroused.
His fingers skimmed over her belly, sliding her silk panties down. She wiggled, helping him to remove them and couldn’t wait for the release. Cassie moaned a protest when his mouth slid from her breast, but then he dove down between her legs, lapping up her juices. The heat shot straight into her belly and Cassie spread her legs to allow him easier access.
He was a clever man and knew exactly where to touch to make her come. She felt her climax tighten in her belly right before it exploded in a near earth shaking orgasm.
“God, yes, yes, yes,” Cassie panted, her fingers digging into his silky hair as he took her over the edge.
When he rose up and braced himself over her, his golden brown hair fell over his shoulders, framing his gorgeously strong face, Cassie thought she might just have fallen in love.
“Take me,” she murmured lazily.
He removed his jeans, ripped the shirt over his head, and as he lowered down over her, pressing himself into her, Cassie felt the pressure building deep inside.
She wanted, and she was going to take. Bowing her back, she welcomed him inside and reveled in the pressure he caused as he plunged deep. With each thrust she could feel it building, and when he lowered his head to suckle on her breast, Cassie let herself go.
Before her orgasm had a chance to subside, he lifted her up and off the bed, spinning her around. She was confused for a moment, but then he pressed her against the wall, and plunged. Wrapping her legs around his waist
Cassie rode the glorious wave of sensations he induced inside of her.
“Yes,” she cried out as he pumped her ruthlessly. She felt insane with need, devilishly crazy to have more. Her fingers threaded through his hair; she yanked his mouth to hers and shoved her tongue between his lips.
He spun her once more, pressing her down onto the bed again, lifting her knees higher, he plunged even deeper. She arched her back as he pumped her over and over.
“Now, yes, now!” Cassie felt him pulsate inside of her, creating a ripple effect driving her to another orgasm. As he grunted with his release, she felt her body level out. “Oh, wow,” she
laughed, panting as he finished.

Shiela Stewart said...

God day everyone. I hope you are all having a good one?

I thought I would drop by and let you all know about a contest I am holding right now on my Newsletter.

If you join my newsletter, your name will be put into a draw to win a fre print copy of Discovery in Passion. All you have to do to be eligable is email me at with the subject line "Newlsetter sign up" and your name will be entered.

Shiela Stewart said...

I forgot to mention that before you send in your request to join my newsletter, you need to go
Tell me in th email what the tag line says below The Passion Series.
So send an email with the subject line, "Newsletter sign up" and answer the question. What is the Tage line below THe Passion Series. If you get the answer correct you will be entered into the draw.

Sorry for the confusion. I'm battling the flu right now and my head is a little foggt.

Shiela Stewart said...

I thought I would pop in and leave a teaser of the final book in the Passion Series.

Mercy in Passion:


Nothing is ordinary in the small town of Passion, especially the love.
Wild, rebellious, and perpetually in trouble, Justin Davis was labeled the town troublemaker and an embarrassment to his father, the chief of police in the small town of Passion. When Justin was framed for a crime he didn’t commit, he impulsively left the town he’d called home, vowing never to return.

For six years Beth Healy pined after Justin, the boy next door who she’d come to think of as her friend, and had wanted for a lover. Now an officer of the law, Beth is shocked when her pursuit of a speeding car leads her to the one man she’s been longing to find—Justin Davis—and after all these years, he’s finally come home.

Despite the sizzling attraction, Beth’s feelings of hurt and betrayal linger and acceptance and forgiveness don’t come easy. Justin soon discovers that begging for mercy and allowing Beth time to grow to love him again might be the only way to win her back. Then an enemy of Justin’s begins to threaten his life, forcing Beth to make a choice. Will she be able to put the past behind her and trust in the man that Justin is now? Welcome to the town of Passion.

Shiela Stewart said...

And here is an Excerpt from Mercy in Passion:

The sounds of heavy metal music blasted in the car, vibrating not only the speakers but the windows, as well. Beating his hands on the steering wheel to the drumbeat, he drove along the highway to his destination. Passion.
Justin Davis was on his way home.
Oh, Lord!
The last time he’d traveled on this particular road, he’d been heading as far away from the town as possible. He’d vowed to his friends, on more than one occasion, that he’d only come back when Hell froze over. Looked like things were about to get chilly.
The flash of police lights in his rear view mirror caught his attention. Checking his speedometer, Justin cursed heavily. Slowing down, he pulled to the shoulder and hoped it wasn’t his father who was pulling him over. When he saw the officer step from the vehicle, he let out a long breath. It wasn’t his father, unless he’d had a sex change. No, the officer approaching him was all woman. Tall, lean, and built like a goddess.
Pressing the button on his door, his window slid down, and he tilted his head towards the beauty before him. “Afternoon, Constable.”
“You were speeding,” she said in a deep, breathy growl that rang a bell in his mind.
“I know. Guess I wasn’t paying attention to the speed.” Her face was as stunning as her body was.
“Mind turning your music down?”
Damn, that voice was sexy. “Sure.” He shut it off, then flicked the glove compartment door open and pulled out his license and registration. “I know the drill.
Here you go.” As he handed her his ID, he saw the name plate over her left breast. “Constable Healy.
“Yeah, it’s me. Jesus, look at you, all copped out.”
Pushing his door open, he stepped out and had a good look at the woman he’d grown up with. “Holy hell, look at you.” He swiped the hat off her head and whistled as all that blond hair tumbled free.
“Give me back my hat, Justin.” She yanked it from his grasp, then pulling her hair up, slid the hat back in place.
He couldn’t get over how much she’d changed.
When he’d left she had been tall, thin, shapeless, with a short crop of blond hair. Now…well, she was gorgeous, complete with plenty of luscious curves. And she looked pretty hot in that uniform.
“You look incredible.” But when he leaned towards her, ready to take her into his arms for a welcome hug, she pulled away.
“I see you haven’t changed much. Still breaking the law.” She pulled out her pad and began writing.
“What is that?”
“A ticket.” She snapped it off and held it out to him. “Slow down.”
Looking down at the paper in his hand, Justin chuckled. “Funny.” He tore it in half, then looked up when she gasped. “What?”
“You can’t rip up a ticket.” She proceeded to write out another one.
“Give me a break, Beth.” He took the second one and repeated his action with the first.
“Fine, have it your way.”
She pulled out her handcuffs, and he looked down at them with bewilderment. “What the hell are you doing with those?”
“Cuffing you.”
She spun him around so fast, he didn’t have time t o protest and the next thing he knew, she was slapping the cold steel onto his wrist.
“You have the right to remain silent—”
“You can’t be serious.” But when she yanked him up, and pushed him toward her cruiser, he got the feeling she was perfectly serious. “Beth, don’t do this.”
“You should have accepted the ticket. Watch your head,” she advised, opening the door to the back of the cruiser.
He ducked as she shoved him into the car. “I didn’t think you were serious.”
“I’m always serious when it comes to my job.” She slammed the door then climbed into the driver’s seat.
Apparently, she was. “What about my car?”
“It’ll be towed to town.”
“I didn’t lock it up.” He could just see it now, a beauty like his Porsche 911 wouldn’t stay on the side of the road long unlocked. He jerked forward when she slammed on the brakes. What the hell was she doing now? When she backed the car up and stopped beside his, he was sure she’d come to her senses. Then she slid from the car and headed to his. She locked his doors, grabbing his keys before heading back to the cruiser.
“Not particularly, no.”
“Look, I’ll pay for the ticket.”
“Yes, you will.”
His eyes narrowed in on the back of her head. A few tendrils of blond hair had escaped the hat. “I’d heard you’d become a cop. I had no idea you’d become
a hard-ass.”
“I’d watch what you say to me if I were you.”
“I’d watch what you say to me if I were you,”
Justin mimicked quietly. Sitting in the back of the police cruiser, he saw the sign as they approached Passion.
“Hasn’t changed one bit,” he grumbled, watching houses drift by while they drove, and when she stopped in front of police headquarters, his thoughts were only reinforced by the familiarity of the building before him.
“Nothing’s changed.”
“Watch your head now,” Beth advised, opening the door for Justin.
His eyes narrowed, he slid from the car. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”
She simply took hold of his arm and led him towards the brick building.
They pushed through the door to the familiar scent of strong coffee and cinnamon rolls. Millie, the receptionist and dispatcher, was still sitting behind the same desk at the front of the office. She hadn’t changed much aside from a little more gray hair.
“Well, look what the cat dragged in.”
“Complete with claws and a hiss,” Justin nudged
Beth with his arm but she failed to see the humor in his joke. “Hey, Millie, long time no see.”
“Justin Davis. My, my, look at you. What a handsome man you’ve become.”
So he was often told. “You’re looking petty hot yourself. Lost some weight?”
“A little. So, what’s our girl bringing you in for?”
Her eyes shifted to Beth.
“Refusal to pay for a speeding ticket,” Beth informed her.
“I didn’t think she was serious,” Justin proclaimed.
“He tore up two.”
Millie clucked her tongue and shook her head. “Not smart.”
“I didn’t think she was serious,” Justin insisted.
Millie shook her head. “Our girl is always serious when it comes to her work.”
“So she told me,” he muttered under his breath. “I said I’d pay the ticket.” He heard the sound of the front door opening and, when he turned, saw his father enter the building.
“Would you look who just walked in,” Millie announced, her voice sounding hollow in Justin’s head.
His eyes caught those of his father, and once again, all Justin saw was disappointment.
Would things ever change?
“Hey, Dad.”

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I kind of got lost for a bit. New release, new promos -- head spinning.

Anyway, you asked what I was working on now.

Jewel of the Sun's BLOOD DESTINY - formerly Evening Sun. I'm expanding it, so it's leaning towards an erotic paranormal. The characters are doing an amazing job with the expansion. I'm thoroughly in awe of what they've done in the last two chapters. I normally write erotic contemporary. I'm hoping to have it to my publisher soon.


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Ooh, Paranormal is my favorite Bekki! And it sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy.

And hey, if you have a new release and you want some free advertising, I could post it on my blog, Book Cover Lovers.
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